Diego Sandullo

Diego Sandullo

“one guitar…many voices”

Diego Sandullo is one of the finest novelties emerged in the world of original and instrumental argentinian music in recent years. He has an important musical production of his own compositions. His work integrates both the sophistication and excellence as contemporaneity without losing the essence of his cultural roots. In his solo performances, Diego Sandullo uses as refined as an eclectic repertoire, reviewing a selection of own pieces and from prestigious argentinians authors,while also attentive to cultures manifestations of other musical cultures.  His compositions clearly reflect the influence of Argentina’s music, in its various genres and styles. The pieces for solo guitar have an orchestral latent germ and its harmonies array vast elaborate ornamentations as they become fluent in the musical discourse.

His latest solo work is 'New Guitar Tango'. It is based on original. argentinian guitarist and composer Carlos Moscardini expresses about this musician as followed:

 "The tango takes flight upward flight and is projected in this album. Away from the media caricatures of the genre, that always ends up harvesting what was growned by true artists. The work of Diego Sandullo is a genuine expression of someone who knows and respects the language, engaging with its time and own history throughout the music score marking inspiring creations. It's remarkable how his solid musical training served as a tool to enhance his talent to the music, although I like to think on the effort and passionate painstaking work, which I sense were anxiety and loneliness moments, which led him to achieve this level of excellence both in composition as in arrangements and interpretations. Tango deserves to be honored by a contemporary guitar player like Diego. l welcome the arrival of his album and appreciate the privilege of being able to express it in this way".

Carlos Moscardini, important figure of the new argentinian guitar music.

Nowadays, he works as a composer, arranger and guitarist in Habemus Tango Trío, Nuevotrioporteño, Diego Sandullo & Fredrik Moth duo and as soloist.

 He edited the followings original music works:

2006: Diego Sandullo Trío “En Vivo” LP Producciones (Arg)

2008: NUEVOTRIOPORTEÑO “nuevotrioporteño” BRO Recordings (Dk)

2009  Diego Sandullo “Nuevos Tangos para Guitarra” Sandu Records (Arg)

2010: Diego Sandullo & Fredrik Moth Dúo “Camina” Gateway Music (Dk)

2010: NUEVOTRIOPORTEÑO “Evocándote” BRO Recordings (Dk)

2011: HABEMUS TANGO TRIO “Castro – Cánepa – Sandullo” Sandu Records (Arg)

He has toured to several countries such as, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Denmark and Uruguay.

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